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"Extreme Journey" is a 26 episode reality based action television series, which takes place on a sailing vessel as it circumnavigates the globe. The cast and crew are all characters in the show. The main cast is composed of an ethnically diverse group of individuals such as: an American, an African, an Israeli, a Palestinian, an Asian, an Irishman, an Englishman, a Northern European, and a Native American, etc. who must learn to cooperate and work together if they are to survive and succeed in their mission - to circumnavigate the globe on a relatively small vessel and learn how to overcome their differences by understanding and appreciating their diversity. In addition, there will be a one hour period each day devoted to discussing political issues and how they should be resolved. These individuals will be under pressure to make compromises constantly and work in teams in order to navigate the sea during the trip, and this might impact the discussion on political issues as well. The daily one-hour discussion, by the nature of the participants, will be by individuals who will have politically charged and most likely opposite views. For instance the pairs of opposing groups could be:

  • A Israeli and a Palestinian
    A Northern Irish Protestant and a Northern Irish Catholic
    A Indian and a Pakistani
    A Taiwanese and a Chinese national
    A Iraqi soldier from 1990 and a Kuwait political leader
    A Serb and a citizen from Kosovo

The interesting view from a US and global perspective is that two Americans will be facilitators (a Democratic “Liberal” and a Republican” Conservative). These two Americans will attempt to be mediators, and focus on achieving an understanding of the core issues of the probable disagreement and lead the discussion for ways to reach a solution. This will be, in part, a microcosm of the current world-wide situation where American peace policy is focused on trying to be a mediator between hostile groups. This may show how individuals with different views in the world might be able to reach a resolution. This may also highlight the naivety and the possible misplaced hope and pitfalls of the American approach.

This approach is most likely to be seen by many that the US - a superpower --should be more than capable of fixing these grievances. But in reality, it is incapable of meeting these goals. This microcosm may play out in the inability of the Americans to achieve success and might result in a more negative and even evil view of the Americans – or it may create an understanding of a well meaning

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"Accelerating Social Change through the Power of Music and Media."

"Accelerating Social Change through the Power of Music and Media."
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