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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Meade


Who We Are

ActiveMusic is a non-profit production and media event company that raises money for effective non-profits that support environmental, health, social justice, and education causes.
We are a highly qualified team of professionals with over 25 years ofexperience.
We achieve results by harnessing the enormous power of music and media towards supporting social change.

What We Do

ActiveMusic provides the resources and expertise to produce low expense, high net events for non-profit organizations in need of funding and outreach.
We partner artists with issues through concerts, events and receptions.
We maximize a donor's contribution by using the same dollar to help many non-profit partners through our revolving production fund.
We ask artists to add $1 to their commercial ticket price to be donated to the revolving production fund.
We network through local grassroots communities nationwide.

How We Do It

ActiveMusic produces live concerts, artist receptions, and outdoor events.
We create partnerships with artists and facilitate the artist's impact on the issues they care most about.
We create relationships with media, vendors, philanthropists, and local communities.
We record our events for documentary and archival purposes.
We broadcast our live events, allowing us to reach out to a wider and more diverse audience to maximize outreach and impact.
We sustain our operating budget through private and corporate donations and 10% of net profit from each ActiveMusic event.

Alan Ames and Associates is proud to be a ActiveMusic partner! Vist ActiveMusic web site.




ActiveMusic in association with AAA will be releasing on Sony Pictures Home Video/BMG Not In Our Name-Dead Man Walking" The Concert on DVD...

MAY 2005

Foghat Millennium Tour Premieres on VH1-Available now on DVD from Rhino Home Video



"Accelerating Social Change through the Power of Music and Media."

"Accelerating Social Change through the Power of Music and Media."
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