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Angel’s War is the story of two young Hispanic teenagers convicted of a murder they didn't commit, and the efforts of their attorney, now turned District Attorney for Willacy county, Texas, to see truth prevail and their release from prison, where one of the victims, Tony Sanchez, is still incarcerated.

Angel’s War focuses on the extreme prejudice facing thousands of Americans today, who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes they didn’t commit. A true story of American injustice, 'Angel’s War' is intended to show that with perseverance, integrity and faith, justice in America will prevail.

Angel’s War represents a positive role model for the otherwise stereotyped Hispanic culture with Juan 'Angel' Guerra as a Latino 'Perry Mason' in a 'Highway to Heaven' type situation who through perseverance and trust in the judicial system overcomes the obstacles of prejudice, racism and adversity.

Angel’s War is intended to be a made for television movie and a follow up episodic television series where each episode, based on true situations, uncovers an injustice, discovers the truth, and rectifies the situation by bringing truth to light, thereby resolving the issues at hand and providing inspiration to millions of Americans who have been wronged in some way.

As a proactive example of the'American system' effectively causing change for the better, 'Angel’s War', is intended to bring unity and trust to the millions of
Americans who have suffered injustice in some form or fashion.

In a world where fantasy and fiction too often become blurred, 'Angel’s War' serves as a vehicle to promote truth, integrity, justice, and honesty to a public who awaits examples of ethical morality.

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"Accelerating Social Change through the Power of Music and Media."

"Accelerating Social Change through the Power of Music and Media."
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